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Carpet Dyeing & Color Repair

Repair, Refresh and Revitalize your carpet to restore 

it to its like-new appearance. 

Use our professional carpet color repair and restoration service to remove pet, mildew, mold, chemical / bleach, wine and almost any other type of stain from natural, nylon, and polyester fibers.

Dye your carpet to restore its appearance or to change its color to match a new interior color scheme

Carpet discoloration is common, taking place over time. Carpets fade from direct sun exposure and natural ambient interior light that affects open areas more than areas away from windows and under furniture. Human and pet foot traffic can discolor, too. Our color dying service restores miss-matched areas resulting in a fabric color quality difference that is nearly imperceptible. 

If you are requiring a carpet color change, there are a wide range of color options available that will help give your room's look, you desire. If you like your carpet style, but want a color change or an even, balanced  carpet appearance, you'll find that you'll save money with carpet dyeing versus buying new replacement carpet.


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