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As a full-service cleaning company, Share Cleaning provides cleaning and maintenance services for offices, residential facilities, retail & restaurants, warehouse and light industrial buildings for property managers, construction contractors, and owner / leasee clients.

Each area of commercial cleaning has its specialized needs. This is where we shine. Clients can schedule cleaning services based on the need for a type-of-service. For example, schedule daily office and common area cleaning and trash pickup, weekly service area cleaning, twice-yearly carpet cleaning and window washing, and yearly or bi-yearly power washing.  


Our depth of resources enable Share Cleaning to effectively serve a wide range of clients. 

Office Buildings – Single Story to High-rise

  • Tenant Office Cleaning 

  • Common Area Maintenance​

    • Hard-surface floor upkeep: sweeping, washing and polishing

    • Carpet vacuuming, and scheduled cleaning 

    • High-pressure exterior cleaning of entrances, walkways, parking lots, and walls

    • Window washing - interior and exterior

    • High-rise exterior window washing

    • Restrooms - thorough cleaning, replace paper products, empty trash

  • Frequency based on management preferences - daily, semi-weekly, weekly, as-needed​


Stand-alone Tenant or Owner-Occupied Businesses

  • Individualized Cleaning Schedule

  • Complete or Shared Responsibilities

    • Hard-surface floor upkeep: sweeping, washing, polishing

    • Kitchen upkeep: counters, tables and chairs, trash, refrigerator, microwave

    • Offices, conference rooms and reception areas

    • Carpet vacuuming, and scheduled carpet cleaning

    • Restrooms - thorough cleaning, replace paper products, empty trash


Apartment Developments

  • Shared or Full-service Cleaning, Common Area House-keeping and Maintenance

    • Pool, Fitness Center, and Laundry Rooms

    • Party / Activity Rooms / Kitchens

    • Media Rooms

    • Garage and Parking areas

    • Driveways and Walkways

    • Dog Walk

    • Maintenance Support

  • Move-Outs​ – Full-service Deep Cleaning for Apartments


  • Full or Shared Service Cleaning for Best Diner Presentation

    • Dining areas: floors and seating

    • Bar areas

    • Reception and Waiting areas

  • Window, Glass and Mirror Cleaning

  • Entrance Power-washing of walkways, parking and building exterior 

  • Kitchen – including refrigeration, stoves, ovens, preparation and storage areas, and waste disposal

    • Stove, Grill and Oven: Deep cleaning and removal of cooking residue, grease, and baked-in remnants​

  • After-Event / After-Party Cleanup​


Retail / Service Providers

  • Full or Shared Service Cleaning for Best Customer/Patron Experience

  • Individualized Cleaning Schedule: Daily, Semi-weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly​

    • Shopping areas

    • Service areas

    • Restrooms

    • Staff Office and Reception areas

    • Staff Kitchen

    • Entry areas

    • Parking areas

  • Services​ may include all standard and additional options 

Construction Cleaning

  • On-Demand or Scheduled Cleaning

  • Cleaning throughout Construction

    • Debris removal

    • Dust vacuuming floors and sheet rock

  • Post-Construction Cleaning

    • Kitchen counters and cabinets

    • Bathroom counters and mirrors

    • Dust and mop hardwood & stone floors

    • Apply sealant to floors and tile as required

    • Carpet vacuuming

    • Clean lights

    • Wash windows

    • Survey exterior and remove debis

Residential Facility

  • Shared or Full-service Cleaning, House-keeping and Maintenance

  • Contract Staff by Service

    • On-site, full-time or part-time

  • Cleaning Service Support

    • Dinning rooms

    • Kitchen – including refrigeration, stoves, ovens, preparation and storage areas, and waste disposal

    • Day rooms

    • Staffing areas/stations

    • Resident rooms and/or apartments

Warehouse / Light Industrial Same as Stand-alone Tenant, plus:

  • Warehouse loading dock, truck-yard upkeep

  • Hard-surface floor upkeep: sweeping, washing and polishing

  • Power-washing floors and driveways​​​


Expect professionalism in every area:

Bid and Bid Contracts including a written declaration of duties

Security Procedures that address client requirements

Screened Personnel

Scheduling that includes daily, weekly and intermittent duties

Emergency services

Invoicing personalized to client accounting requirements

Bonded, Workmans Comp Insurance coverage and General Liability Insurance

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