Tile and Grout Cleaning

Maintain the quality of your tile with periodic cleaning.

Without periodic deep cleaning of tile and grout the tile dulls and the grout loses its original distinctive appearance. Floor, stove back-panels and shower tile suffer the most, becoming off-color or dark from dirt, dust, oil and grease. While general tile cleaning and polishing remove surface residue, it is best to have a professional deep clean done and then protect the grout with environmentally safe sealant. That way, your regular tile and grout cleaning maintains the quality and appearance of your tiled areas more effectively for months, if  not years to come.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Maintain the luster and beauty of your hardwood floors.

Over time, hardwood floors will dull and lose their luster through everyday traffic, dust and dirt, pets, hard-soled and sharp-heeled shoes, spills and furniture moves. It is important to protect your hardwood floors before this happens! Sanding and floor refinishing can be expensive. Regular floor dusting and cleaning helps, and should be part of normal cleaning, but it doesn’t protect.


Share Cleaning offers you a cost-effective, pro-active solution through the application of a protective coating before time takes its natural toll on the flooring. The best solution for maintaining the floor’s surface quality and desired luster is the application of our environmentally friendly, water-based sealant and finish that will help preserve the hardwood flooring’s “like new” appearance.

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