Window Washing

We Do Windows — Inside and Outside

Home or High-Rise

Just like a pair of glasses, widows get dirty, smudged and covered with a light-diminishing film. Each time our clients have their windows cleaned, they’re elated at how everything looks fresher and cleaner.

Our window team uses the right equipment and safe, environmentally friendly chemicals to give your windows the clean and clear look that you desire. We suggest window cleaning twice a year to keep your home or office looking beautiful.

  • Cleaning window glass with specialized solution

  • Removing, cleaning, and replacing window screens

  • Cleaning of window sills, tracks, and frames

  • Drying each window to remove streaks and drips

  • Two medium-sized panes (regular cost)

  • Larger windows or additional panes (additional cost)

Contact us for Commercial Single and Multi-story Building ​Window Cleaning –  682-582-1214.

Pressure Cleaning


Power Washing creates a cleaner, healthier looking environment for you, your guests, tenants, or visitors.

Pressure Cleaning Your Home

For the homeowner, pressure cleaning improves the walk-up appearance to your home, creates a more attractive patio, and freshens, making more inviting pool decks. Use Power-Washing once or twice a year for:

  • Driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks

  • Clean exterior walls and fences

  • Garage floors

  • When listing your home for sale


Pressure Cleaning Your Business

For businesses, restaurants, apartment and residential developments and retail centers, power-washing helps maintain the quality appearance of your location. 

The frequency of power-washing will depend on the type of traffic and atmosphere at your location. Vehicle traffic, including tire wear, exhaust, oil, dust and dirt, plus environmental pollutants, all contribute to the darkening, discoloration of your premises. Use Power-Washing to remove natural build-up of grim and to remove unsightly oil, lubricant, paint stains and bird droppings. Maintain the appeal of your location with Power-Washing:

  • Concrete and stone driveways, sidewalks and parking areas

  • Exterior brick and stone walls

  • Fences

  • Signage

  • Restaurant and Retail exterior walls

  • Awnings that collect dust, dirt, insects and spider webs

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